Claim Money in a New 15 Million Class Action Settlement for A&W Products. This lawsuit alleges that A&W Root Beer & Cream Soda products were falsely advertised with labeling products as being “Made With Aged Vanilla,” when it is actually a result of artificial flavoring Read below on how you can claim your cash before the deadline. Scroll down to see all the details.

Do I Qualify?
If you purchased certain A&W Root Beer or Cream Soda products with the claim “made with aged vanilla” on the label between Feb. 7, 2016, and June 2, 2023

How Much will I Receive?
With proof of purchase, class members can receive up to $25. Without proof of purchase, class members will receive $5.50 per household

How Do I Submit a Claim?
Go here to submit your claims online by 10/18/23 date.

Remember to only submit honest claims.