Top Tool Deal

Craftsman 300-Piece Drill Bit Accessory Kit
Store: Sears, Price: $29.99, Shipping: In-store pickup, or $4.49 s&h, Lowest By: $9

If your toolbox needs a little expanding, or there’s a drill bit-shaped hole in your Christmas gift list, this Craftsman set should do the job. It includes the most popular screwdriver bits and nut driver sizes, and also comes with a quick connector for fast, easy tool changes.

Top Monitor Deal

Dell 27″ 4K IPS LED Monitor with $150 Dell Gift Card
Store: Dell Home, Price: $474.99, Shipping: Free shipping, Lowest By: $74

If you like your image quality sharp (some might say… Ultrasharp) then this 27″ 4K monitor should fill your eyeballs magnificently. It even supports HDR10, still something of a rarity in the PC display scene. The $150 gift card drops it $74 below competing prices, leaving you with plenty of spare cash to upgrade your Netflix subscription to the 4K tier. It features a 3840×2160 (4K) native resolution, HDMI, DisplayPort, and Mini DisplayPort inputs, and a USB 3.0 hub.

Top Kitchen Deal

Hammer & Axe Bite the Bullet Whiskey Glass 2-Pack

Store: Kohl’s, Price: $14.99 via code SAVE25, Shipping: Pickup at Kohl’s, Lowest By: $25, Expiration: December 10

Someone humorously misunderstood a request for “shot glasses” at the Hammer & Axe factory, and now here we are. They do look interesting though, and would be a thematically appropriate way to serve up some Bulleit bourbon at least. This pair of 8-oz. glasses gets a sturdy discount thanks to the coupon SAVE25, leaving it well below half what you’d pay elsewhere.

Top Apparel Deal

Hawke & Co. Men’s Packable Chevron Parka
Store: Macy’s, Price: $39.99, Shipping: Free shipping, Lowest By: $85, Expiration: December 10

The weather outside might be frightful, but you still probably have places to go, so Hawke & Co, Hawke & Co, Hawke & Co. (Sorry.) This wind- and water-resistant jacket is marked an enormous $85 off its list price, and thanks to Macy’s holiday spirit (read: their lowered minimum spend), even ships for free. It comes in select sizes from S to 3XL.