Walken is an exciting NFT game based on blockchain technology. By playing Walken, users will be able to enjoy exciting gameplay and earn $WLKN tokens while being motivated to engage in sports activities in real life.

By walking every day, you convert your steps into in-game currency, Gems, which are required to take your free playable character CAThlete to the next level. Each CAThlete differs in stamina, speed and strength points, which affect the outcome of each competition.

Winning races guarantees you Walken tokens ($WLKN), which can be spent on purchasing various clothing and accessories items on the Marketplace. Each item gives your CAThlete extra points of stamina, strength and speed, making it more competitive and boosting its chances to win the race. Thus, the more you walk, the more you play and win, the stronger your CAThlete becomes, while earning you more $WLKN tokens!

You can also sell your character at level 6, as well as withdraw game tokens for sale.

Can’t wait to get your hands on a CAThlete? Then let’s get down to business! Let’s discover what Walken has to offer, from downloading the application to getting first $WLKN tokens.


When registering in app, use code MYXHJ32 to get a your free CAThlete and awesome bonus!

Note: The rating of the game is low, but this is due to application errors at the initial stage, now everything is fixed. I myself use this game every day, walk to lose weight and earn money by playing the game without investment.

How to install the app and create a Wallet

First of all, you need to download Walken. Once the app is installed, you’ll be asked to create a new wallet. The Wallet is provided for free. Get ready to write down a 12-word secret recovery phrase. This will be used to recover your wallet if you reinstall the app or would like to sign in to your account on a new device. Important note: it is crucial to write this phrase down and save it in a safe place (write it down physically and save it where only you will have access). Resist the temptation to take a screenshot or save the words on your phone. This phrase is the key to your wallet and future assets, so take it seriously!

Once the wallet is set up, you’ll meet your first FREE CAThlete. It is randomly generated from a set of genes and has a genetically predefined stamina, strength and speed limits. Each player is given one free level 0 CAThlete upon registration.

That’s it, you are good to go and start playing!

Walken Gameplay

The Walken gameplay focuses on participation of game characters in running competitions. While walking in real life, players earn gems that can be spent on boosting the level of the game character. When moving to the next level the CAThlete’s characteristics (speed, strength, and stamina) also grow, which boosts their chance of winning in competition disciplines.

By taking part in races and winning, in-game characters earn $WLKN tokens that can be spent on buying new clothes or accessories or extra CAThletes on Marketplace, as well as on leveling up your CAThletes. CAThletes can compete in three main disciplines: sprint, urban running and marathon. All characteristics are taken into account when determining the winner of the race, but for each discipline a certain one is most important. For a sprint it is speed, for urban runningstrength, and for a marathon it is stamina.

Thus, the key to success is taking care of your unique CAThlete, continiuosly boosting it through earning gems for real-life walking, and competing with other players.

How to pump your CAThlete to a new level

The key to a strong, agile, and hardy CAThlete lies in a solid healthy lifestyle habits of the player. The level of your in-game character is directly related to the number of steps you take per day. How does it work?

As we’ve already mentioned, the game has an in-game currency, gems. You can earn gems by walking in real life. The more you walk, the more gems are credited to your Gems Wallet! In turn, gems can be spent to level up your character.

On the CAThlete screen, there’s a level progress bar. Choose the number of Gems you’d like to add to the progress bar. Once it’s filled up, press the level-up button to take your CAThlete to the next level. The higher the level, the more gems are needed to get it.