If you’ve ordered Chipotle Delivery you may be owed money! The Chipotle hidden delivery fees class action lawsuit settlement pays consumers who placed a Chipotle order for delivery through the company’s website or app between May 11, 2020, and Jan. 19, 2022. Up to $4 Million dollars in vouchers and free entrees are being paid.

According to the class action lawsuit, Chipotle promised “free delivery” or “$1 delivery” on food items while charging hidden delivery fees in the form of service fees and up charging food prices. Chipotle has not admitted to any wrong doing but is agreeing to a settlement.

Proof is Required

If you are included in this settlement you were sent a settlement notice in the mail or your email with a unique ID. If you lost or did not receive a settlement notice but are sure you should be included, you may contact the settlement administrator to obtain your Unique ID. If you were part of the Chipotle Reward Program when you placed your order you may qualify for more vouchers.- COUPONS