If you’ve bought Coppertone mineral-based sunscreen you’ll want to claim your cash! No Proof Needed.

There is a New Class Action Settlement for Copperstone Sunscreen! If you purchase Coppertone Mineral-Based Sunscreen Products, specifically Coppertone Water Babies Pure & Simple, Coppertone Kids Tear Free, or Coppertone Sport Face, You May be Eligible for a cash refund from a Class Action Settlement.

Why is there a Settlement? 
The settlement resolves allegations of falsely advertised, marketed, and labeled Coppertone sunscreen products as “Mineral-Based,” despite the products containing chemical active ingredients.

Do I Qualify?
If you purchased one of the sunscreens above on or Before September 17, 2021 you can submit a claim here.

How Much Can I Claim?
Members with proof of purchase may submit a claim for $2.50 for each Qualifying Product purchased – no limit. If you do not have proof of purchase yu may submit a claim for $2.50 for each Qualifying Product purchased, for up to four 4 products (for up to $10.00).

Whens the Deadline?
Deadline is by November 17, 2021 to submit your claim! Only submit a claim that is 100% honest.